The Lineup: Weekly Links

Contrasted ConfinementThe Houston Chronicle’s Top 10 for 2011 list includes Anthony Horowitz’s THE HOUSE OF SILK, of which it writes that it “wrangles three individual mysteries, witty dialogue and the best bromance around into a book you can’t put down.”

The San Diego Union-Tribune features Thomas
Mullen’s THE REVISIONISTS as a Best Books of 2011, saying, “This well-written cross-genre book is a great reading experience. As told from multiple points of view from four fully developed characters, the engaging plot and ultimate resolution will leave you still thinking about the possibilities long after you turn the last page. THE REVISIONISTS will appeal to readers who like smart literate works in any genre—it’s a contemporary thriller with a science fiction vibe, written by an author known for literary fiction.” THE REVISIONISTS also made Paste Magazine’s Best of 2011 list. “Come and listen to my story ‘bout a man named Zed…Mullen’s third book is Blade Runner meets John LeCarre. A time traveler, Zed, returns from the future to do a dirty job. He has to make sure that all the terrible events of history – the Holocaust, Hiroshima, Verdun, New Jersey Shore – take place exactly as they happened. Past imperfect preserves a future perfect (we are led to believe) free of problems. Zed must hunt down other time travelers who want to change the past…so the future changes. The sci-fi premise, once you take the bait, leads to a thoughtful, suspenseful novel of intrigue.”

Speaking of end of the year best-of list, we’d like to humbly call your attention to Ali Cranis’s list at Bookgasm that includes both HELL AND GONE and A DROP OF THE HARD STUFF, as well as THE OUTLAW ALBUM and THE CUT in a selection of just five titles from 2011. Thanks, Ali! And cograts again, Larry and Duane.

And speaking of Mr.Swierczynski, Duane was recently on NPR’s All Things Considered “Three Books” recommending graphic novels based on real crimes.

If you’re in the mood for reminiscing, The Rap Sheet has a thorough list of all the wonderful people the crime fiction community will now have to live without in 2012.

Did you see Fincher’s adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo over the break? If so, what did you think of how it compared to the Swedish film? The novel?

Did you see the trailer for THE ROOK that debuted on MTV Geek? Hilarious.

The first of three clips of George Pelecanos discussing is forthcoming Derek Strange novel WHAT IT WAS also premiered over the holidays:

And oh yeah–happy 2012!

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