A cinematic and terrifying new novel from "the master of the psychological thriller" and the bestselling author of Baby Teeth and Wonderland, about three friends who hike into the wilds of the Grand Canyon—only to find it’s not so easy to leave the world behind (Entertainment Weekly).

It was supposed to be the perfect week away . . . 

Imogen and Beck, two sisters who couldn't be more different, have been friends with Tilda since high school. Once inseparable, over two decades the women have grown apart. But after Imogen survives a traumatic attack, Beck suggests they all reunite to hike deep into the Grand Canyon’s backcountry. A week away, secluded in nature . . . surely it’s just what they need.

But as the terrain grows tougher, tensions from their shared past bubble up. And when supplies begin to disappear, it becomes clear secrets aren’t the only thing they’re being stalked by. As friendship and survival collide with an unspeakable evil, Getaway becomes another riveting thriller from a growing master of suspense and “a literary horror writer on the rise” (BookPage).

What's Inside

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Reader Reviews


“A terrifying thriller about female friendship . . . Zoje Stage is continuing her run as the master of the psychological thriller."—Entertainment Weekly
"Zoje Stage’s Getaway is exactly the kind of heart-in-your-throat, how-are-they-going-to-get-out-of-it thriller that I love—a rip-roaring wilderness adventure story that tests the characters’ physical abilities and moral resolve to their limits. Tense, unpredictable, and utterly compelling, Stage’s complex story of friendship and survival is a must-read. I loved this book!”—Karen Dionne, internationally bestselling author of The Marsh King’s Daughter and The Wicked Sister
“Tense and terrifying, Getaway is an extraordinary work of suspense. Stage delivers both a harrowing, heart-pounding thrill ride and an astute exploration of trauma, regret, compassion, and perseverance."—Rachel Harrison, author of The Return
“If art imitates life, horror fiction is a great mimic, predicting and exploring the frightening and surreal realities of the contemporary world. Exhibit A: Zoje Stage’s mind-bending, trippy second novel, Wonderland.  . . . The question of responsibility for the nightmare lingers as does the line between reality and imagination." —Danielle Trussoni, New York Times Book Review, on Wonderland
“Zoje Stage is in total control of your nightmare. For those who live to be scared, Wonderland is the book you’ll be glad you cracked open at home, alone, at night.”
 —Josh Malerman, New York Times bestselling author of Bird Box, on Wonderland
“Sublimely suspenseful . . . Stage is a literary horror writer on the rise. Her refined prose and knack for emphasizing small but disquieting details make Wonderland a standout summer suspense selection. Reader be warned: The woods will never look the same once you read Stage’s latest.”—BookPage, on Wonderland
“A beautifully choreographed and astonishing second novel . . . the horror genre has found an eloquent and unflinching new author.”—Booklist (starred review), on Wonderland
"Propulsive."—New York Times Book Review, on Baby Teeth
"A twisty, delirious read."—Entertainment Weekly, on Baby Teeth
"A deliciously creepy read."—New York Post, on Baby Teeth
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