If you are a woman in your late thirties or forties and are experiencing mood swings, free-floating anxiety, memory lapses, inability to concentrate, sleep disturbances…it is not all in your head, and you are not alone.

This compassionate and comprehensive book covers everything you need to know about perimenopause — the changes that occur in the decade before menopause — including: How much of what you’re feeling is due to fluctuating levels of estrogen. Menopause, by contrast, corresponds to a lack of estrogen. Knowing the difference is crucial to getting the right treatment. This book includes the most effective medical therapies and natural remedies and reveals why low-dose birth-control pills are the best cycle regulators: myths and realities, what you can do about missing periods, gushing periods, and periods that seem never to end, how to avoid hysterectomy and D&C, how you can prevent weight gain during perimenopause and ways to reignite your sex drive.Addressing women’s most ommon concerns about perimenopause, as well as many questions women tend to be afraid to ask their doctors, Could It Be…Perimenopause? provides the facts you need to make smart decisions, and enables you to understand and feel in control of the changes taking place in your body.

What's Inside

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