The Christmas Kid

And Other Brooklyn Stories

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Oct 29, 2013

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A collection of short stories about a long-gone Brooklyn from the legendary New York writer Pete Hamill. 

Pete Hamill's collected stories about Brooklyn present a New York almost lost but not forgotten. They read like messages from a vanished age, brimming with nostalgia: for the world after the war, the days of the Dodgers and Giants, and even, for some, the years of Prohibition and the Depression.

The Christmas Kid is vintage Hamill. Set in the borough where he was born and raised, it is a must-read for his many fans, for all who love New York, and for anyone who seeks to understand the world today through the lens of the world that once was.

"Hamill, a master raconteur, mines his own roots in this enchanting new anthology." —New York Times

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"Few people have written quite so beautifully about New York as Hamill has in recent years."—Tim Rutten, Los Angeles Times
"With his reporter's eye for detail and a tough-but-tender lyricism, the Brooklyn-bred Hamill brings modern-day New York to life by illuminating its colorful past."—Scott Stephens, Cleveland Plain Dealer
"Hamill sees a world almost gone by. Those who would dismiss that world as nostalgia might consider what in today's NewYork will they have to lovingly evoke years from now."—Sherryl Connelly, New York Daily News
"New York City is the lead actor in the best of Hamill's writing...and it steals the show."—Julie Wittes Schlack, Boston Globe
"Hamill tells a good yarn and has a knack for drawing empathetic portraits of rogues and rule benders....Even a bicycle ride to the store to pick up the Daily News is a good read in Hamill's hands."—Michael Hill, San Francisco Chronicle
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