Renowned sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus teams up with SoulCycle founding instructor Stacey Griffith to present a revolutionary, science-based program to give you the energy you need to achieve your dreams.

There's no two ways about it: we are all exhausted, depleted, and desperate for practical, long‑lasting, proven solutions. 
Most people don't realize that the main reason we're so exhausted is that we're living out of sync with our biology, and more specifically, our chronobiology. In Energize! Dr. Michael Breus and Stacey Griffith team up to help readers get back on track. Using the core principles of chronobiology and biological body type, they offer a simple, personalized program of small, daily movements, sleeping and fasting on schedule, and mood hacks that will give readers incredible energy, promote happiness, and fight off fatigue for good. Their program boils down to living the way nature and your DNA programmed you to live. But don’t worry it's really easy—and super fun.
With fascinating science, quizzes so that readers can identify their chronotype (Lion, Wolf, Bear, or Dolphin) and their body type (Fast, Medium, or Slow Metabolism), and easily implemented advice, Energize! will have you feeling happier and more energetic in no time. 

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