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Enter the Aardvark

Enter the Aardvark

The story of a Republican Congressman, a Victorian taxidermist, and the aardvark that connects them…and all of us. A douchebag Congress-bro (R), in deep denial about his sexuality, receives a mysterious taxidermied aardvark in the mail. What does it mean? And why does he recognize its unsettlingly human gaze? And how should he deal with it?

These questions drive the outrageous, edge-of-your-seat narrative that follows, which hurtles between contemporary Washington, DC–where our congressman is planning his reelection campaign while trying to get rid of the aardvark–and Victorian London, where we meet the aardvark’s taxidermist and the naturalist who hunted her, and learn the secret that binds all three men.

Besides being a ghost story, an origin story, a love story, and a political satire, ENTER THE AARDVARK is a stunningly prescient exploration of the consequences of repressed male love meeting oppressive male power, and a blackly comic condemnation of our current American blindness. It is also that rarest of creatures–a work of art so utterly original and masterfully built that it seems to have sprung fully formed out of its visionary maker’s head.

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Genre: Fiction / Fiction / Lgbt / Gay

On Sale: March 24th 2020

Price: $13.99 / $17.99 (CAD)

Page Count: 7

ISBN-13: 9780316536134

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