Ancient Egypt, 51 B.C. Sisters Arsinoe and Cleopatra face a devastating choice: to allow Rome’s army to siphon power from their ailing father, or to take matters-and the dynasty-into their own hands

It’s the dawn of a new era for Egypt as Cleopatra and her brother, Ptolemy, are welcomed to the throne after their father’s death. But joint rule breeds its own conflicts: can the Nile be shared? Long overlooked by his father in favor of the beguiling Cleopatra, Ptolemy is determined to prove his ability as both man and king-but, at eleven, he is no match for his elder sister, who’s quick to assert her primacy throughout the land.

Their sister Arsinoe is torn between her siblings in one of history’s greatest power struggles. As the palace echoes with rumors, scandals and betrayal, Arsinoe’s love for her childhood friend Alexander deepens into a forbidden passion that could endanger both their lives. When Cleopatra is forced to flee a rebel uprising, Arsinoe decides she has no choice but to follow her sister into exile.

Yet while Cleopatra gathers an army to retake the crown, Arsinoe begins to doubt whether her sister is the champion Egypt needs. Faced with the choice of betraying her family or her country, Arsinoe will determine a kingdom’s fate and the course of history.

What's Inside

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"The Drowning King contains everything that a real-life
"Game of Thrones" would: sibling incest, backstabbing court politics, invasions
and treachery at every turn. Don't miss this enthralling installment in the Fall
of Egypt
saga, and be sure to pick up the remaining two volumes when they
hit shelves."—Book Reporter

"Readers fascinated by
political intrigue and dynasty building of the ancient world will enjoy this,
especially if they have read the first volume."—Library Journal

"A fast-moving, heart-poundingly good follow-up"—Marie Claire

"Holleman's poetic language contributes to the atmosphere of intrigue and menace, expertly capturing the roiling anxieties of the principals as they battle for Rome's scraps. Holleman's gift of characterization will have readers rooting for all three Egyptian royals, hoping against historical fact that this sibling rivalry has no losers-at least not until the next installment. "—Kirkus Review

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A Fall of Egypt Novel