The Power of Us

Harnessing Our Shared Identities to Improve Performance, Increase Cooperation, and Promote Social Harmony

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ON SALE: September 7th 2021

Genre: Nonfiction / Psychology / Cognitive Neuroscience & Cognitive Neuropsychology


A revolutionary new understanding of identity, showing how our group affiliations have a powerful influence on our feelings, beliefs, and behavior, that can inspire both personal change and social movements.

If you're like most people, you probably believe that your identity is stable. But in fact, your identity is constantly changing – often outside your conscious awareness and sometimes even against your wishes – to reflect the interests of the groups of which you’re a part. And that fluid identity has a powerful influence over your feelings, beliefs, and behaviors.
In THE POWER OF US, psychologists Dominic Packer and Jay Van Bavel integrate their own cutting‑edge research in psychology, neuroscience and economics to explain what identity really is and show how to harness its dynamic nature to:
 • Increase productivity
 • Improve physical and psychological health
 • Overcome prejudice
 • Unlock altruism
 • Break political gridlock
 • Galvanize others to solve controversial but persistent global problems
Along the way, they explain such seemingly unrelated phenomenon as why men cry at football games but not funerals, why the history of slavery in U.S. counties is one of the best predictors of current day racism, and why Canada keeps a national reserve of maple syrup. Packed with fascinating insights, vivid case studies, and a wealth of pioneering research, THE POWER OF US will change the way you understand yourself — and the people around you — forever.

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