Idol Hands: 15 Great Books About Music Icons

We are presently living in the technology-driven age of the 21st century, where anyone with an internet connection can be a celebrity. Information is passed so quickly online that music videos get millions of hits in an hour, and Spotify can make musicians overnight sensations in a matter of minutes. Many of them work hard and have great talent, but will they last long enough to be music icons?

Before the fast-paced world of the internet, incredibly talented artists worked themselves to the bone to be stars. They toured nonstop, spent months in the studio, and relied on appearances on the radio and television to boost their careers. And it took its toll. We’ve all seen the Behind the Music specials about the excess, the groupies, the in-fighting, the addiction, and the tragedies.

For good or bad, their stories will live on as legends in the music industry for generations to come, and their tunes will populate the oldies and classic stations on our radios. Here are 15 great books about such musicians, talented artists worthy of being called music icons.




Liberty Hardy is a Book Riot senior contributing editor, co-host of All the Books, a Book of the Month judge, and above all else, a ravenous reader. She resides in Maine with her cats, Millay, Farrokh, and Zevon. You can see pictures of her cats and book hauls on Twitter @MissLiberty and Instagram @franzencomesalive.