11 Books You Need to Read About Current Events

There is a lot of news right now. And a lot of it probably makes most people want to hide, on a good day. I’ve found that looking for ways to be active as part of the solution (donating, volunteering, etc.) and reading on the topic beyond the headlines and news cycle really helps me. And since being informed is always beneficial–hence #TheMoreYouKnow and #KnowingIsHalfTheBattle–I have for you a great list of books related to current events. From #metoo to drug companies and addiction, there are a lot of important topics to take a deeper dive into.



Here’s to learning about the world we currently live in and finding ways to do our part to be a helper.


Jamie Canavés is a Book Riot contributing editor and Tailored Book Recommendations coordinator who always has a book in one hand. She writes the Unusual Suspects mystery newsletter, never says no to chocolate or ‘80s nostalgia, and spends way too much time asking her goat-dog “What’s in your mouth?!” Tweets: @Oh_Dinky.