A Gift Guide from Andrew Sean Greer

Andrew Sean Greer Gift Guide


Andrew Sean Greer is the bestselling author of five works of fiction including the Pulitzer Prize-Winning Novel, LESS! Here are a few thoughtful and useful gifts that he recommends giving this holiday season!


Palmpress portable coffee press: $40

small and excellent not only for camping but also for hotel rooms when they give you like two pods and they’re BOTH decaffeinated?  I put this press under the hot water using my own coffee. No more pods. No more decaffeinated betrayals. 



Tom Binh Travel Tray: $25

the author Kathy Wang gave this to me as a present, and I thought: WTF is this? It turns out I use it every night—I have a tendency to lose things. It’s where everything goes—wallet, watch, headphones, eyemask, earplugs, keys—and you plop it next to your bed wherever you are. Or even near in the seat pocket on an airplane.  And it draws shut so you can throw it in your bag in a rush.